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Pain Center Sued for Over Prescribing Medication

The family of a Connecticut man who died in 2013 at age 56 is suing Derby nurse practitioner Heather Alfonso and the pain clinic where she worked, alleging that her rampant overprescribing of narcotics contributed to his death. Joseph Torchia’s wife and son claim in a lawsuit filed in Waterbury Superior Court that Alfonso, who […]

Army Officer Files Lawsuit for Son’s Fatal Birth Injuries

A civil medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Virginia alleging negligence during a vacuum-assisted delivery alleged to have occurred at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, which the plaintiff asserts resulted in the death of her newborn son. The lawsuit alleges failure to recognize and react to clear signs of fetal distress, failure […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Fights to Change Medical Malpractice Laws

In West Virginia, state legislators crafted medical malpractice legislation a decade ago that would reduce what they considered “frivolous lawsuits”. They were successful in their efforts but more than a decade later a breast cancer survivor is speaking out about how the new law has denied her the right to seek justice in a courtroom. […]

Wrong Site Surgery Death Yields $21 Million Jury Verdict

Bimla Nayyar, an 81-year-old Michigan woman entered Oakwood Hospital in January 2012 for a procedure on her jaw. However, instead of operating on her jaw, surgeons performed brain surgery. She never recovered and died two months later. According to the Detroit Free Press, “Nayyar had been admitted to Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn in January 2012 […]

Erb’s Palsy Birth Injury Lawsuit Filed as a Result of Brachial Plexus Injuries

A South Carolina couple has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Conway Medical Center, Inc., Olukayode Akinjala, M.D., and Health Partners of South Carolina, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that their child’s birth injuries, including brachial plexus injuries, stem from medical negligence in that the physician was negligent in administering Pitocin for a prolonged period and […]

More Than 700 Hospitals Will Be Penalized for Hospital-Acquired Conditions

As part of the Affordable Care Act, The Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program, established by the healthcare reform law, penalizes hospitals that fall within the worst-performing quartile, based on measures of adverse events occurring during hospital stays, such as pressure ulcers, pulmonary embolisms and certain types of healthcare-associated conditions. In 2015, more than 700 hospitals nationwide […]

Keene Metro Treatment Center All Too Familliar With Local Law Enforcement

Since the Keene methadone treatment center opened its doors in 2006, local police officials have received numerous complaints stemming from suspicious and illegal activity stemming from the business. According to the Keene Sentinel, “Clinic staff call Swanzey police regularly for complaints including unwanted subjects, people sleeping in their cars waiting for the clinic to open, […]

Database Will Show Connections Between Doctors and Healthcare Giants

One plastic surgeon made $300,000 speaking to other doctors about cosmetic procedures and products such as breast implants. A cardiologist made an extra $100,000 from a medical device maker, a financial connection he never mentioned in a medical journal article which happened to discuss that medical device. According to the NY Times, “In just five […]