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The lawyers at Abramson, Brown & Dugan have won more medical malpractice settlements and verdicts than any other law firm in New Hampshire. The firm’s partners, Mark Abramson and Kevin Dugan have been consistently recognized in peer rankings as “Best Lawyers”, “Super Lawyers”, and “NH’s Top Attorneys”. Most recently, Mark Abramson was named Best Lawyers’ 2013 Manchester Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs “Lawyer of the Year.”

“Someone who comes through our front door for the first time has been traumatized and is suffering. Our first responsibility is to listen to them and try to help them. That has to be our initial focus before we start talking about legal issues,” says Mark Abramson, founder of the firm.

Reputations are built, relationships are forged, and trust is restored when an exceptional lawyer helps someone whose life has been significantly impacted by medical negligence or serious injury. That’s the mission to which the attorneys at Abramson, Brown & Dugan are committed. For these attorneys, it’s not their job- it’s who they are as responsible, committed, compassionate members of the legal community in New Hampshire. This is why the lawyers at Abramson, Brown & Dugan are some of New Hampshire’s Top Attorneys.

Client Stories

When a spot on Norman Jenkins right arm appeared he went to his doctor who dismissed it as nothing abnormal or serious and froze the lesion. Relieved, Norman went about his daily routine of work and caring for his wife and family. But the spot on his right arm didn’t go away. On the contrary, it got worse. He went back to the doctor’s office and it was frozen again…

It was 2005 and Lisa Murphy was joyously expecting her first child. The pregnancy had been uneventful as Lisa entered the hospital to deliver her baby boy. While Lisa believed the labor was proceeding smoothly, her doctors at the hospital gave her Pitocin to quicken the labor process. What began as a happy occasion turned into every expectant mother’s nightmare…

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