Eva Bleich

Experience and Accolades

  • Practicing over 30 years
  • 2016-2017 Best Lawyers Medical Malpractice New Hampshire
  • Registered Nurse for more than 42 years
  • Former Director of Nursing for 300 bed facility for profoundly brain damaged and developmentally delayed children
  • Former Nursing Supervisor for New Jersey Institute for Criminally Insane
  • American Association for Justice
  • New Hampshire Association for Justice
  • Pennsylvania Association for Justice
  • New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association
  • Voices Against Violence – Board of Directors 2004-2010
  • New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and American Bar Associations

Question & Answer

Q: Besides being born in Germany, you have a diverse background. You received your nursing degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1969 followed by another degree in Political Science from Temple University in 1979. Then, in 1983, you received your law degree from Temple in 1983. What spurred the change in careers?

A: I was young and I had already accomplished quite a bit in my nursing career (Director of Nursing and Assistant Administrator) so rather than go back for an additional degree in Nursing, I thought that my interest in political philosophy might be fun to pursue.

Q: Tell me a little about the degree in Political Science? Were you thinking of getting into politics?

A: No, I was thinking about teaching political philosophy at a college level.

Q: I would imagine your nursing degree and your experience working as a nurse has helped you represent medical malpractice clients? Can you give me a specific example of where your previous career assisted you in preparing a med mal case?

A: It has helped me immeasurably in that I can move around the medical records very comfortably. I feel that I can have a meaningful conversation with expert physicians more comfortably and, equally as important, I can understand the reality of working in a medical environment which helps me recognize negligence and the lack thereof.

My medical knowledge helped me when I was working on 80 lead poisoning cases in Philadelphia. We initially evaluated the cases as product liability cases and intentional tort against the employer. As we gathered the records kept by the “company physician”, it became clear to me that there was gross negligence involved. We pursued a claim on behalf of each plaintiff and were successful against the physician (as well as the other defendants).

Q: Do you think you’ve made more of a contribution to society as a nurse or a lawyer?

A: Because of the nature of the children with whom I worked (profoundly mentally and physically delayed), I hope that my contribution to them was great but, at the same time, I believe that protecting the rights of an injured party is equally as important.

Q: What are some of your other interests?

A: I love to hike, to cross country ski, mountain bike, road bike and read. In other words, I love to be outside with my family and pets. Live for it, actually.


New Hampshire Bar Association; New Jersey Bar Association; The American Association for Justice; The Pennsylvania Association for Justice; The New Hampshire Association for Justice; The New Hampshire Women's Bar Association.

Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice; Plaintiffs' Personal Injury


2004, New Hampshire; 1983, New Jersey; 1983, Pennsylvania