Personal Injury

Workplace Accidents

Our client was a 23 year old temporary employee at a manufacturing plant. His hair became entangled in an unguarded piece of industrial machinery and the skin on his face and scalp were torn off. He also suffered a fractured neck leaving him paralyzed from the chin down. He subsequently died nineteen months after the accident.

The case settled after suit but before trial for $6,825,000.00.

Our client was 30 years old when he was rendered permanently incapacitated by the rupture of a pressurized cell at a Concord hazardous waste remediation site. He suffered severe traumatic brain damage and will be institutionalized for the remainder of his life.

The case settled after suit but before trial for $8,950,000.00, plus the waiver of a $1,200,000.00 workers’ compensation lien, and more than $100,000.00 for his workers’ compensation permanent impairment award.

Our clients were the administrators for the two men involved in this workplace accident. The men worked at a local steel company, specifically running a hydraulic jack that performed a job called cambering. This procedure involves heating and shaping 62′ long, 11 ton steel beams. One beam is braced under tension against an identical beam. A hydraulic jack is placed in the middle of the beams, forcefully pushing them apart. The two men were standing in between the two beams performing their job, when the hydraulic pump released and let go, causing the two beams to crash together. The beams struck the two men in the head, crushing them and ultimately killing them. Each of the men left behind two young boys and numerous other family members.

One of the administrators received a settlement of $355,000 and the other received a settlement of $300,000.

Our client, a young man in his early 20’s, required a below the knee amputation following a workplace accident. He brought negligence and product liability claims against six defendants.

The parties reached a settlement during mediation for a confidential amount.

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