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Military Families Face Lack of Transparency in Determining Medical Errors

In an above-the-fold NY Times article published today, the plight of military families seeking explanations for medical errors in the treatement of loved ones was highlighted. While all those who’ve been a victim of a medical error face a difficult time confronting a byzantine healthcare system that lacks transparency, the problem is particularly difficult for […]

Insurance Journal Reports on Two Rand Studies

The Insurance Journal, an influential publication for the insurance industry, recently published the findings from two new studies associated with RAND Corporation. The first concerns how raising the bar for medical malpractice claims affect the practice of defensive medicine. We wrote about that study here. The Insurance Journal reported on another RAND study involving caps […]

Verdicts and Settlements

VERDICT/SETTLEMENT Facts/Liability: This is a medical negligence claim in which the plaintiff, a seventy-two year old mother and grandmother, alleged that the defendant failed to timely diagnose and treat her toe infections which progressed to osteomyelitis and then spread to her spine and sternoclavicular joint.

Rand Study Finds Doctors Continue to Order Unnecessary Tests

Forbes is reporting on a new study conducted by the RAND Corporation that finds doctors continue to order expensive and often unnecessary tests even after they’ve garnered what they consider necessary malpractice reform. “Physicians say they order unnecessary tests strictly out of fear of being sued, but our results suggest the story is more complicated,” […]

New Study Finds Short Operating Room Meetings Reduce Errors

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Surgery notes that brief communication prior to a surgical procedure reduces errors by 80%. Several prospective studies have shown that “[u]se of preoperative briefings improves team communication, decreases disruptions to surgical workflow, improves compliance with antibiotic and deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis, and improves […]


Facts/Liability: This is a medical negligence claim arising out of the medical care and treatment the defendants provided to the decedent plaintiff, a 45-year old husband and father, which allowed the plaintiff’s rectal cancer to go undiagnosed and untreated for four years, causing his painful, unnecessary, premature death.

Verdicts and Settlements

VERDICT/SETTLEMENT Facts/Liability: In 2009, the plaintiff, a 35-year old, husband and father, was traveling north in his pickup truck on a main street in Salem, New Hampshire, when the defendant pulled out directly in front of him trying to make a left turn onto the main street, failing to yield the right of way to […]

Verdicts and Settlements

VERDICT/SETTLEMENT Facts/Liability: This was a medical negligence case arising from the mismanaged dermatology care provided by a nurse practitioner to our 80-year old male client, which allowed his invasive squamous cell carcinoma to go undiagnosed and untreated for almost a year and a half, allowing it to metastasize throughout his head and neck and causing his premature […]


Name of Case/County: Anonymous v. Anonymous Facts/Liability: In August 2009, the plaintiff, a 61-year old husband and father, was catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident, when a significantly underinsured motorist drove head-on at a high rate of speed, directly into the bus in which he was riding. The plaintiff suffered significant facial and head trauma […]


VERDICT/SETTLEMENT Name of Case/County: Anonymous – Cheshire Count Facts/Liability: This case arises from a high impact, head-on collision in Winchendon, Massachusetts in June 2009, which resulted in permanent personal injuries and death to four generations of women from the same family.

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