Personal Injury

Dog Bites

Our client, a 47-year old man, was chased by two unrestrained Rottweiler-mix dogs when he was bicycling in North Chatham, NH. The defendants’ two unrestrained Rottweiler-Mix dogs ran from the defendants’ yard, chased the plaintiff’s bicycle, and caused the plaintiff to fall violently from his bike, cracking his helmet on the pavement and landing on his head and back. As a direct result of the accident, our client suffered severe, painful, and permanent personal injuries including a broken sacrum, resulting in extensive medical treatment and physical therapy.

The parties reached a settlement, after filing suit but prior to trial, for $67,500.00.

Our clients’ four year old daughter was bitten by the defendant’s German Shepherd, Kaiser. Kaiser was unrestrained and entered our clients’ yard where their daughter was playing. She was bitten on her right cheek. Her father rushed her to a local hospital. She had a wound that measured approximately 5 by 2 centimeters. The wound was repaired at the hospital by a reconstructive surgeon. Complications arose, however, and a second surgery was required a few months later. She has been left with a large, noticeable facial scar.

This case settled prior to trial for $200,000.

Our client, a 3-year old child, was bitten by a German Shepherd owned by a relative while she was a guest at a holiday gathering. The three year old plaintiff suffered two puncture wounds near her lip. The wounds were closed in the emergency department of a local hospital.

The parties reached a settlement, before suit was filed, for $80,500.00.

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