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Brain Injuries Malpractice

Brain injuries may permanently affect one’s cognitive ability, emotional stability, and motor skills. Brain injuries due to medical negligence are typically the result of a failure to diagnose a neurological issue such as a cerebral hemorrhage, a vacuum extraction during the delivery of a baby, or the early symptoms of a stroke. Brain injury misdiagnosis can be as debilitating as the failure to diagnose. The proper and timely diagnosis of a brain injury can seriously affect recovery and future capacity to function and interact with others.

Brain injuries resulting from botched births may result in a child born with cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or brachial palsy. These are permanent conditions with which a newborn will have to suffer through grueling physical therapy. Such injuries may also result in neurological development deficiencies, poor motor skills, as well as physical deformity and pain and suffering.

Failure to diagnose a stroke or a brain hemorrhage can be equally serious. Such brain injuries may result in death, partial or full paralysis, loss of motor skills, slurred speech, or an inability to perform basic cognitive functions necessary for normal daily living.

A doctor, nurse, or other medical professional who misdiagnoses or fails to timely and properly diagnose and treat a brain injury may be liable for a medical malpractice claim. Our team of lawyers, nurses, and professionals will help you determine if you or a loved one was the victim of brain injury negligence. We have more than 35 years of experience handling brain injury malpractice cases for our clients. We are proud to have been consistently recognized by our peer as superior medical malpractice lawyers. Both Kevin Dugan and Mark Abramson have been recognized by colleagues for their excellence and professionalism in assisting clients seek and obtain civil justice.

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Recent Settlements for Our Clients

$9,000,000.00 – Failure to monitor patient results in brain damage

$4,500,000.00 – Failure to diagnose brain tumor

$3,250,000.00 – Negligent administration of anesthesia resulting in severe brain damage

$2,325,000.00 – Failure to diagnose meningoencephalitis causes brain injury

$2,100,000.00 – Failure to treat aneurysm results in permanent injury

$1,500,000.00 – Wrongful death for failure to diagnose and treat seizure disorder

$1,175,000.00 – Failure to diagnose stroke results in death