Anesthesia Errors and Medical Malpractice

While anesthesia errors aren’t a frequent occurrence, when they do happen they can cause significant and permanent injuries. Anesthesia is commonly used in various surgical procedures. A patient who is scheduled for surgery may not meet the anesthesiologist until minutes before surgery. However, as a patient, you may want to meet with the doctor earlier and ask pertinent questions about the anesthesia as well as discuss your medical condition.
Proper anesthesia is crucial to a favorable surgical outcome. Here are a few of the most common anesthesia errors that lead to injury:
1)Errors in anesthesia dosage-this usually occurrs when the dosage is mislabeled prior to the surgery.
2)Delayed anesthesia delivery- This kind of error may result from a vaporizer leakage, an IV error, or syringe issues.
3)Intubation errors-a procedure doctors learn early in their training
4)Improper monitoring-close monitoring of a surgical patient’s vital signs including respiration and blood pressure is crucial
5)Lack of communication-this can occur between medical staff or with the patient
Anesthesia can be a great medical benefit that allows doctors to perform surgeries and corrective procedures. However, when anesthesia errors are committed, the consequences can be devastating.