Avoiding Pediatric Medical Errors

A child’s medical crisis or emergency is every parent’s worst nightmare. Yet, there are steps parents can take to minimize the risk of medical errors and ensure the quality of care your child receives when he or she needs medical attention. WebMD posted an informative article on the subject yesterday. It’s well worth a read. Here are some of the highlights:
1)Act as your child’s healthcare advocate. Make sure you listen and understand everything that is being communicated about the health of your child. Don’t forget to ask questions.
2)Choose a physician that takes the time to listen to your concerns as well as those of your child. The WebMD article mentions the importance of a happy staff. That may indicate how well the staff communicates with each other-a significant factor in the overall health and well-being of your child.
3)Make sure you communicate accurately all medicines your child is taking. This can’t be overemphasized. So often, medication errors occur due to a lack of communication.