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Study Suggests Depressed Physicians Have Higher Risk of Making Medical Errors

A recent study published in the medical journal, JAMA Network Open, found that physician depressive symptoms were associated with medical errors. Researchers conducted a systematic review and analysis of 11 studies involving nearly 22,000 physicians and concluded that physicians with a positive screening for depressive symptoms have a 95% higher risk of committing medical errors. […]

Medical Malpractice Attorney Finds Himself a Victim of Malpractice

In a tragic role reversal, Michael Mone, an esteemed plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney based out of Boston, is a victim of medical malpractice. Despite his experience in negligent medical care, Mone now finds himself with kidney cancer that is inoperable and terminal. A recent article in the Boston Globe reported that Mone underwent a precautionary […]

Shoemaker v OHM Corporation a Case Study

I. Introduction: This article is offered as a case study of a catastrophic personal injury case. The litigation, which was resolved in November 1998 for a total of $8,950,000.00, is notable for its many twists and turns. In the end, a number of lessons can be learned which are generally applicable to the practice of […]

Medication Errors in U.S. Children Occur Every 8 Minutes, Study Says

  Health care professionals who prescribe, dispense, and administer medications have an absolute duty to ensure that their patients receive the right dose of the right drug.  Hospitals and other facilities that employ such individuals also have an obligation to ensure that proper procedures are in place to prevent medication errors and that those procedures […]

Study Finds Telemedicine Providers Misdiagnosing Skin Conditions

Telemedicine allows patients to consult with physicians and other health care providers remotely, usually through apps or websites. Recent changes in New Hampshire law now allow patients to have telemedicine visits with providers from the comfort of their homes or offices. Nationwide, the use of telemedicine is increasing rapidly, with over one million telemedicine visits […]

Nursing Home Workers Post Abusive Photographs of Elderly Patients on Social Media

Nursing home workers are taking advantage of their elderly patients by posting humiliating photographs of them on social media networks. ProPublica recently identified thirty-five instances in which employees of assisted living facilities and nursing homes have taken and shared photos of elderly residents. Some of the photos depict the residents naked. Many of the cases […]

New Hampshire’s Boards of Medicine and Nursing Adopt Emergency Rules for Prescribing Opioids

Last November, the New Hampshire Board of Medicine adopted emergency rules for prescribing opioid prescriptions after Governor Hassan urged the Board to institute tougher standards in order to prevent opioid abuse. The regulations require doctors to provide patients with information concerning addiction and overdose; risks of keeping unused medication; ways to dispose of unused medication; […]

HHS Issues Guidelines to Allow Patients Easier Access to Their Medical Records

Patients have an absolute right to access their medical records under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, more commonly known as HIPAA.  Despite this, they frequently encounter obstacles when trying to exercise that right.  Hospitals and physicians may take months to respond to a request, charge an amount for copying that is cost-prohibitive to […]