Birth Injury Malpractice Trial Begins in Oregon

Derrick and Elizabeth Ramseyer brought a birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Denis Dalisky and Silverton Hospital concerning the birth injuries their now 7-year-old son Maverick continues to suffer. According to the facts of the case as reported in the Statesman Journal, “in the early afternoon on Dec. 11, 2007, Elizabeth and Derrick went to the hospital 15 days overdue. She was given drugs to induce labor, and for 11 hours, the labor and delivery staff continued to increase the dosage. Eventually, Elizabeth was told to start pushing, but Maverick’s head wasn’t positioned at the cervix, which the complaint alleges caused distress for the baby. Maverick’s heart rate dropped to 60 beats per minute for about six minutes. The doctor then decided to deliver the baby via emergency C-section. Maverick was born having inhaled his own fecal matter, or meconium. It is common for babies in distress to defecate while still inside the mother and also to inhale the meconium. Maverick was born at 8:31 a.m. Dec. 12, 2007, apparently unable to breathe.” The lack of oxygen for a prolonged period of time has led to Maverick suffering from brain damage. The trial is expected to last two weeks.