Cancer Misdiagnosed Says International Management Group’s CEO

Teddy Forstmann is a hard charging CEO who demands excellence and precision from his employees as well as himself. That’s why he’s angry at his doctors for misdiagnosing his brain cancer. The cancer remained undiagnosed for a year while doctors told him that he had various illnesses including meningitis. Recently, he underwent surgery to remove the malignant brain tumor, according to a Fox Business report. According to the article, Forstmann’s cancer is the same type as the one Senator Edward Kennedy had.
Successful recovery from such illnesses requires prompt and accurate diagnosis. When healthcare professionals fail to make the proper diagnosis in a timely fashion, the patient’s life is at risk. “Teddy’s determined not just to roll over on this,” said one friend with first-hand knowledge of the situation “But he knows that because of the misdiagnosis, the doctors caught the cancer late and he thinks he can take IMG much further than it is today.”
Let’s hope he makes a full recovery and can continue to manage International Management Group for many years to come.