Conference on Medical Errors and Hospital-Acquired Infections to be Held June 4, 2012

William Charney, a Seattle-based consultant and author of “Epidemic of Medical Errors and Hospital Acquired Infections: Systemic and Social Causes,” along with the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, is holding a one-day conference on June 4th in Toronto, Ontario to discuss the epidemic of hospital medical errors and infections that occur in these medical facilities.
In announcing the conference, the organizers note that in 2009 alone there were 788,558 deaths related to medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. That accounts for 33% of all deaths in the United States for the year. This is unfortunately, not new news. Medical errors and infections have been a chronic problem that has plagued the healthcare industry for decades yet very little progress has been made to combat or lessen the number of these occurrences.