Failure to Notify Leads to $35,400,000 Medical Malpractice Jury Award

After experiencing dizziness following her participation in the 2004 Boston Marathon, Andrea Larkin sought treatment for dizziness from Dedham Medical Associates. The doctors took an MRI and a CAT scan which showed brain abnormalities. However, Dr. Jehane Johnston failed to place the 35-year-old on a database of patients with certain medical conditions. After becoming pregnant four years later, Larkin’s obstetrician was unaware of her brain issues because she didn’t appear in the database. Larkin suffered a massive stroke as a result of giving birth, paralyzing her. Andrea remains paralyzed-unable to care for herself or her child. She and her husband have amassed more than $200,000 in medical bills. This is a tragic, senseless event. In past blog posts, we’ve written about the need for medical databases in order to ensure improved quality of care. Yet, in this instance there was a database and it wasn’t utilized. As a result, a young, healthy wife and mother remains paralyzed, probably for life.