Hospital Related Infections Aren’t Declining

According to the 2009 Health and Human Service Department’s quality report to Congress, the rate of hospital related infections has shown little improvement. In fact, rates of illnesses from three of five of the major hospital related infections have seen an increase. Rates of bloodstream infections following surgery increased 8%. Urinary infections from the use of a catheter following surgery increased 3.6%. Overall incidence for a series of common infections due to medical care increased by 1.6%. More than 98,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors. It’s been a decade since the Institute of Medicine launched a campaign to raise awareness concerning this issue but little improvement has occurred. Hospital related infections can be prevented by following proper procedures and good nursing care.
This disappointing trend can be corrected. The Wall St. Journal noted that 100 emergency rooms in Michigan have reduced the rate of central catheter infections to near zero by following good medical care procedures.