Judge Cancels Yaz Birth Control Trial, Orders Mediation

The bellwether Yaz birth control trial has been cancelled by the Judge and ordered to mediation, a full week ahead of its scheduled commencement. According to fiercepharma.com, “Judge David Herndon, who’s overseeing litigation over Bayer’s birth control pills, had promised in the fall to press for settlements after the bellwether trials wrapped up. But in an order filed Dec. 31, Herndon abandoned his previous plan in favor of mediation, saying this alternative will “better serve” plaintiffs and defendants in these cases. Herndon ordered both sides to meet with Saltzburg “without delay” and negotiate in good faith.”
Judge Herndon is presiding over thousands of Yaz lawsuits claiming that the once-popular birth control drug causes dangerous blood clots and the manufacturer knew about this potential danger and failed to warn consumers.