Jury Returns $20 Million Verdict in Birth Injury Malpractice Case

A Wayne County Michigan jury has returned a verdict of $20 million against Hutzel Hospital and the DMC in a birth injury malpractice case that occurred 15 years ago involving Chelsie Barker.
According to a media source, “Hutzel Hospital was alleged to have dumped Chelsie’s mother, a Wayne County Jail detainee, out of the hospital despite the fact that she was in labor and about to give birth. The hospital ordered that Chelsie’s mom be sent back to the jail in the middle of the night. Chelsie was born within an hour on the jail floor, but not before she suffered severe brain injuries.” The egregious circumstances surrounding the birth injury lawsuit most likely contributed to the large jury award. According to testimony during the trial, a resident at the hospital didn’t like that Chelsie’s mother was dressed in prison garb and ordered her out of the hospital, in spite of her impending delivery.