Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed After Robotic Surgery Goes Awry

A medical malpractice trial is underway in Oregon in which a Montana woman, Michelle Elsey, is suing her gynecologist for a botched robotic surgery. The woman has alleged that Dr. Daniel Laury was grossly negligent when he removed her healthy ovary in 2007 using a da Vinci robotic device and left a piece of plastic behind in her body. During the surgical procedure the robotic device failed and had to be reloaded according to the lawsuit. The foreign objects left in the woman’s body were discovered during a CT scan in 2011. The scan was administered in order to determine the source of her pelvic pain. Doctors found a laparoscopy sheath used in the 2007 surgery, as well as extraneous coils used as birth-control devices. Montana physicians subsequently removed the objects from Elsey’s body. Yesterday, jurors heard testimony from a local gynecologist testifying on Dr. Laury’s behalf. The jurors are expected to hear more testimony from both sides as the trial continues.