Medical Malpractice Suit Blames Dosage Error for Baby’s Death

A medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that a pharmaceutical dosage error has resulted in the death of six week old Genesis Burkett. Genesis was born prematurely but was making good progress until a fatal dosage error led to his tragic death. According to the lawsuit, the hospital pharmacy incorrectly filled a doctor’s prescription that administered 60 times the level of sodium the doctor ordered.
According to the article in the Chicago Sun-Times, the IV prescription was initially filled correctly. However, a second label was placed over the correct label before the nurse administered the fatal dose of sodium to Genesis Burkett.
The Sun-Times reported that a hospital official has acknowledged the error. “Advocate Healthcare spokeswoman Kelly Jo Golson acknowledged an “error.”
“A hospital error led to the incorrect concentration of sodium in [Genesis’s] IV solution,” Golson said. “Our prayers continue to be with the family.”
Dosage and prescription errors can be fatal as in this case. They are just as dangerous as other types of medical errors such as failures to diagnose and misdiagnoses.
For the Burkett family, the error has resulted in untold suffering. Our thoughts go out to them.

Holly Haines