Medication Error Leaves Patient Uncertain of Quality of Care

When Karl Kollinger entered the Health Sciences Centre for cancer treatment, he already had enough on his mind. The last thing he thought about was the people who were tasked with treating his cancer would make a serious medication error. “I can’t answer for myself when I’m sedated,” said 72-year-old Karl. “Something could have happened.” “We are very fortunate that Karl is sitting here today. The outcome could have been grave, and he could have been dead,” his wife Marlene said. According to a media story, “Two days after the cancer operation, Marlene was with Karl in the hospital room when she noticed her husband’s intravenous drip medication did not have his name on the bag.” These types of errors are not uncommon at the Health Sciences Centre. Kollinger became one of the 2,000 people to experience a reported medication error at the Health Sciences Centre in the last two years. Thankfully, his wife was with him at the time and spotted the egregious error.