MRSA Infections on Rise Among Children

In the past, MRSA or methicillin-resistant staph infections have been found primarily in hospitals and healthcare related institutions. According to the Associated Press, the potentially deadly staph infections are now moving into our communities and affecting children at a disconcerting rate. The new trend shows that these types of infections are more often found in the community rather than hospitals.
The study which reflected the shift in MRSA infections involved 25 children’s hospitals. According to the study, nearly 30,000 children were hospitalized in the ten year period which the study covered. Of those 30,000 children 374 afflicted with MRSA died.
MRSA often begins with a skin pimple or boil. It may also spread to the bones or lungs where it can lead to pneumonia.
These types of staph infections often become resistant to antibiotics and new research is needed to find drugs that are not resistant to MRSA.

Holly Haines