NH House and Senate Crumble Under Pressure from Special Interests

In spite of Governor John Lynch’s courageous and pro-consumer veto, the NH House and Senate proved once again that special interests can indeed wield inordinate influence and power. Both chambers voted to override the gubernatorial veto which means the “Early Offer” legislation is now the law in the Granite State. We have the ignominious distinction of being the only state in the nation to have such a cynically pro-insurance law.
According to the Nashua Telegraph, “Both the House of Representatives and the state Senate Wednesday passed into law over Gov. John Lynch’s veto the so-called “early offer” bill (SB 406) that’s been one of the most heavily lobbied in the 2012 session.
Executives with the state’s acute care hospitals and the medical lobby pushed hard for the measure predicting it could lower the spiraling cost of malpractice insurance.” To say the insurance and medical lobby pushed hard to pass this bill is an understatement. They know such a law will save them money at the expense of justice and at the ultimate expense of the NH citizen. This is a particularly cynical law because it’s not only disingenuous but also takes advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable. This is a terrible bill and today we are a poorer state because it passed.