Pharmacy Errors and Medical Malpractice

Pharmacy errors can be multi-faceted and can cause great injury to the patient. Errors may occur in the processing or preparation of the prescription. These pharmaceutical errors include preparing and dispensing the wrong drug or dispensing the correct drug but the wrong dosage. The most common of these errors occurs when the wrong drug is dispensed. Other pharmacy errors include: prescribing recalled medication, prescribing medication with known harmful effects, and mislabeled prescriptions. Other errors may occur when pharmacy technicians are not properly monitored and supervised by pharmacists and are allowed to prepare and fill prescriptions without adequate supervision. In some pharmacies, the sheer volume of prescriptions to be filled leads to medical and pharmaceutical errors.

These pharmaceutical errors can lead to serious injury and death. Pharmacies and pharmacists are liable for such errors, since they have a duty of care to ensure that a prescription is properly and safely filled.