Prominent Doctor Speaks Out Against NC Medical Malpractice Caps Bill

Dr. Martin Brooks, a North Carolina physician who has practiced medicine for 50 years, has spoken publicly against a bill that would grant immunity to doctors and emergency rooms in medical malpractice cases. Dr. Brooks called the bill “just plain wrong”. He added that if passed, the legislation would significantly “reduce the quality of medical care given to the people of North Carolina.”
Dr. Brooks is not alone in his opposition to the controversial leglislation. According to the Power News Network, he is joined by other prominent North Carolinians.
“Dr. Brooks is joined in his public opposition to NC Senate Bill 33 by North Carolina Supreme Court Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. who calls the bill “unnecessary and unconstitutional”. Additionally, retired North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Edward Thomas Brady has added his voice to the outcry against the bill along with NC Coalition for Patient Safety and NC Advocates for Justice.”