Replacement Nurse Commits Medical Error that Leads to Patient Death

A 66-year old cancer patient died as a result of a fatal dosage error administered to him by a temporary nurse filling in during a nursing strike in Oakland California. Local police officials are investigating the death and have described it as the result of a “medical error”.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, “The death “likely was caused by a medical error,” said Dr. Steve O’Brien, an Oakland campus medical executive, adding that the hospital activated its patient safety analysis process to review its policies and procedures for opportunities to improve its patient care.
“While medical errors do exist in healthcare we are constantly investing in ways to improve patient care,” the medical affairs vice president said in a statement. “This is a most unfortunate event for which we are very sorry.”
Nurses throughout Northern and Central California went on strike Thursday, and most non-Kaiser nurses have been locked out for five days. The lockout affects at least eight hospitals run by Sutter Health, including the Oakland hospital.”