The New Hampshire Primary: Some General Thoughts

We witnessed another important primary in the Granite State yesterday. Some of the races were extremely close such as the Republican Primary for US Senate between Kelly Ayotte and Ovide Lamontagne. Whether your candidates won or lost is secondary to the fact that you became involved in the process. Our state and our country need the citizenry to engage in public policy debates and elections in order to thrive. We are blessed to live in a democratic republic in which we elect those who will represent us in our local, state, and federal government. However, this form of government only works when the people exercise their rights by voting and becoming involved in the political process.

If you’re skeptical about the political process, just remember this is the system our brave young men and women in the Armed Forces have fought for since 1776. Countless generations have sacrificed their lives so that we can exercise our right to choose our elected officials. This is not only our right but our privilege. only our right but our priviledge. This is what makes our country the greatest nation on earth.