Tort Reform Isn’t Healthcare Reform

A few weeks ago, the medical malpractice attorneys at our firm dedicated an entire week to blogging about the 5 most common myths associated with medical malpractice cases. In each instance, our bloggers cited independent evidence based on research and statistics that tort reform or medical malpractice reform will not make a substantive contribution to the improvement of our healthcare system. In fact, one insurance study noted that such emphasis on curbing medical malpractice cases served only to restrict consumers’ access to justice in a court of law.
Now, there are renewed rumblings in Washington that President Obama may be willing to consider tort reform measures in order to obtain Republican support of other aspects of his legislation. The rumors gathered steam after Republican Senator Judd Greeg (R-NH) appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews and discussed the possibility.
As an attorney who has represented victims of medical malpractice for years now, I know that such reform measures only hurt those who need consumer protection the most. Rather than satisfying the pork barrel interests of large insurance companies, we should be focusing on measures that actually improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans. This includes the implementation of new safety measures and accountability that empowers consumers with knowledge so that they are able to make informed choices regarding their healthcare.