UK Hospital Accused of Covering Up Surgeon’s Mistakes

Officials at Frimley Park Hospital in the United Kingdom are being accused of covering up numerous surgical errors that have led to significant medical injuries. According to lawyers for the patients, Dr. Jayne Cockburn was suspended from practicing medicine at the hospital in 2011 but hospital officials failed to publicly disclose the suspension until recently. The documented errors include performing procedures without patient consent, performing unnecessary procedures, and causing incontinence. According to one media report, “And Mike McLeod, 43, from Fleet, Hampshire, whose mother Yvonne died in 2004 after a prolapse operation, said: ‘As far as I’m concerned this is a cover-up by the hospital. They have known for years there was a problem with this surgeon.’ Pathologist Norman Ratcliffe said Mrs McLeod died of an abdominal infection, as a result of an instrumental perforation of the small bowel. The General Medical Council has launched an investigation into Miss Cockburn, according to lawyers. A spokesman for Frimley Park Hospital said: ‘Following the hospital’s own review earlier this year into care and treatment provided by the consultant up to 2011, we offered 101 patients the opportunity to be seen by a gynecologist. About half were found to have potentially significant issues as a result.’