United Healthcare Won’t Change Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

In spite of the United States Preventive Services Task Force recently released guidelines concerning breast and cervical cancer screenings, United Healthcare has announced that it will continue to cover mammography and cancer screenings as it has in the past.
Approximately one month ago, the USPSTF released new guidelines for cancer screenings. The new guidelines suggested that regular breast cancer screening for women begin at age 50 rather than age 40. The Task Force also recommended that women receive less frequent screening for cervical cancer.
In making their coverage announcement, United Healthcare noted that women should continue to follow the advice of their physicians. United Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, will not change its coverage policies in light of the newly published guidelines set forth by the USPSTF. The American Cancer Society and other health advocacy groups have not commented on the new guidelines.

Holly Haines