Vaginal Sling Lawsuits Will Proceed

Mentor ObTape vaginal sling lawsuits will proceed in California after a California Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the four women suing Bayer, the manufacturer of the vaginal slings. According to the lawsuits, the women allege that the vaginal slings slow tissue integration causing painful side effects including vaginal extrusions, urinary tract erosions, and infections. The vaginal slings were designed to treat female urinary incontinence and have been used by thousands of women between 2003 and 2006.
A 2009 study found that 1 in 5 women using the sling would suffer from complications. The lawsuits claim that Mentor knew about the high rate of complications in 2003 but declined to advise prospective patients of the potential complications. Many women who experienced these complications were forced to endure further surgeries to remove the tape.
Sales of the tape ended in 2006. The product was never recalled from the marketplace. Presently, ObTape lawsuits have been consolidated into a multidistrict litigation in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. Trials are scheduled to begin in June 2010.