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Plaintiff's Attorney:  Kenneth C. Brown, Esq. and Jared R.Green, Esq.


Case Title:    Christine Ciccone v. Hartford Fire Insurance Company


County:     Arbitration   Date of Injury: November 25, 1998


Liability Facts:   Ms. Ciccone was operating a Toyota Corolla and was rear-ended by a minivan and pushed into a head-on collision with an oncoming SUV.    Ms. Ciccone settled her claim with the operator of the minivan for full policy limits and made a claim from her insurer, Hartford Insurance Company, for underinsured motorist benefits.


Plaintiff:  Sex:  Age at time of injury:34


Occupation:   Attorney                                     


Plaintiff's Theory of Liability: The driver of the minivan failed to operate her vehicle in a safe, prudent and non-negligent manner in conformity with all statutory and common laws of the State of New Hampshire,  including the duty to maintain a proper lookout the duty to seasonably brake or reasonably maneuver her vehicle and the duty to exercise reasonable care.


Defendant's Theory of Defense:    The damages claimed by Ms. Ciccone are overstated and unrelated to the accident.


Injuries:  (Diagnosis/Prognosis/Permanency): Ms. Ciccone was diagnosed with a large herniation at C5-C6 for which she pursued conservative treatment.  Over time, however, C6-C7 deteriorated from the added mechanical forces it had to take on due to the C5-C6 herniation and Christine underwent a discectomy which fused both C5-C6 and C6-C7.


VERDICT/SETTLEMENT: The case settled for Two Hundred Thousand Dollars prior to arbitration.



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