8 Hospitals Cited and Fined for Medical Errors

Eight California hospitals have been cited and fined for regulatory non-compliance that resulted in serious injuries to hospital patients according to the California Department of Health.
Healthleadersmedia.com noted, “Five patients died, a sixth sustained severe neurological damage, a seventh coded but was resuscitated, and an eighth endured a second surgery because of a retained surgical sponge, according to state documents detailing dangerous errors in eight California hospitals. These incidents, all of which resulted from regulatory noncompliance, resulted in assessments of $475,000 in financial penalties against these hospitals under the state’s “immediate jeopardy” law. The state issued fines totaling $295,000 to another five hospitals where harm came to patients receiving treatment for mental or behavioral health.” These are serious medical errors that occurred recently in hospital settings. They were preventable medical errors that in the majority of cases cited, led to the death of the patients. This is unacceptable in any hospital.