Appellate Court Upholds Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict

The Arkansas Court of Appeals has upheld a $210,000 jury verdict in a case where an infant nearly lost a finger due to a nurse’s error. John and Melissa Edwards sued St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center on behalf of their son Caleb who was injured due to a medical error.
According toArkansas News, “the opinion by a three-judge panel of the court, Caleb was being discharged from the hospital when nurse Sandy Reed began removing tape that secured his intravenous tubing and accidentally cut his left index finger so severely that it was left hanging by the skin on the underside of his finger.
Caleb’s finger was reattached at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. The parents later sued St. Joseph’s, and at trial the hospital admitted liability.”
In upholding the jury verdict in the medical malpractice case, the Court of Appeals found that the medical malpractice award was not excessive given the extent and severity of the injuries suffered by the infant Caleb Edwards.

Holly Haines