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Factors Impacting Maternal Health During Hospital Births

In a recent study published in Risk Analysis, researchers analyzed over two million births between 2005 and 2010 to determine whether certain factors impacted maternal health during hospital births. The study focused on delivery complications that were within the control of the hospital staff such as severe perineal laceration, ruptured uterus, unplanned hysterectomy, admission to […]

New Hampshire Should Adopt a Safe Patient Ratio Statute

Nurses Take D.C., a nurse-driven grassroots movement, is calling attention to a serious problem in healthcare: the understaffing of healthcare facilities across the country. Unsafe nurse-to-patient ratios are contributing to increased morbidity and mortality for patients. The omissions of important nursing care are “often unrecognized errors affecting patient safety.” Deficient staffing is associated with high […]

Delays in Discharge Summaries Associated with Higher Rate of Readmissions, Studies Show

Discharge summaries serve as the main form of communication between a patient’s medical providers at a hospital and the providers who later treat the patient. They include vital information including the outcome of the patient’s hospital stay, the patient’s status, and provisions for follow-up care. Subsequent healthcare providers glean valuable clinical information from discharge summaries, […]

Hospital Performs Surgery on the Wrong Baby

A woman in Tennessee recently experienced a new mother’s worst nightmare after she discovered the hospital performed a surgical procedure on her newborn that was meant for another baby. According to the mother, Jennifer Melton, a nurse came to take her son Nate away for what she thought was a postnatal checkup, telling Melton to […]

Couple Files Wrongful Birth Lawsuit for Child Born with Cystic Fibrosis

A couple recently filed a wrongful birth lawsuit against a New York hospital, alleging their doctor failed to inform them that their fetus tested positive for cystic fibrosis, and therefore, they were denied the opportunity to obtain an abortion. Cystic Fibrosis “is a life-threatening, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and progressively limits the […]

Telemedicine Will Be Available to NH Patients in 2016

A change in state law will bring telemedicine to the Granite State beginning in 2016. In order to use the new system, patients will have to register online and answer a short questionnaire. Doctors will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to evaluate non-emergency health issues. Some of the benefits of […]

Jury Awards $1.75 Million in Surgical Malpractice Case

Angela Thornton presented herself at the Cardiac and Vascular Center of Arkansas complaining of chest pain in February 2010. Dr. Shabir Dharamsey examined her and concluded that she was suffering from a weak heart. An echocardiogram was administered two days later to confirm the diagnosis. However, court records reveal that the echocardiogram found Thornton’s heart […]

Former Football Player Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Over Repeated Concussions

A former University of California football player, Bernard Hicks, has sued the school for failing to inform him of the risks concerning head injuries as well as failing to take proactive steps to prevent such neurological injuries. The medical malpractice lawsuit contends that Hicks now suffers from neurological injuries that have caused depression, suicidal thoughts, […]