Birth Injury Lawsuit Verdict $13.9 Million

An Ohio jury found a doctor liable in a birth injury medical malpractice case. The child, now 10 years old, developed cerebral palsy as a result of the doctor’s negligence, according to the jury’s findings.
According to, “When the mother went to see her doctor on one of her regularly scheduled check-ups to see how her pregnancy was progressing, her non-stress test yielded results revealing her baby had a low heart rate and it was suggested that they should induce labor. The parents decided to go ahead with the emergency Caesarean section. A cesarean section is the delivery of a baby through a cut (incision) in the mother’s belly and uterus. It is often called a C-section and is used if safety of the mother or baby is in question. However, after the doctor induced labor, he decided not to perform the C-section after all and this decision would change the now 10 year old little girl’s life forever.
When the doctor chose not to perform the C-section, it is alleged that this caused a lack of vital oxygen flow to the baby’s brain which inevitably caused the birth injury known as cerebral palsy. An expert witness for the family testified that the baby also suffered additional cerebral palsy after they medically induced contractions and then used a vacuum during her delivery. However, the doctor who delivered Haley testified that she never considered performing a C-section because there was no indication that anything was wrong with the baby. The family alleged that a C-section would have prevented injury to Haley and she would not be suffering from cerebral palsy today.”

Holly Haines