Birth Injury Malpractice Case Yields Record Jury Verdict of $58.6 Million

A Connecticut jury has awarded a family whose child suffered a severe brain injury a record $58.6 million. The jury found that a doctor waited too long to perform a Caesarean section which ultimately led to irreversible brain injury.
“When my son was born, he was born not breathing, blue, limp,” said Cathy D’Attilo, the mother who sued her obstetrician, Dr. Richard Viscarello, and his practice, Stamford-based Maternal-Fetal Care PC. “He had seizures; he was on a ventilator. So, we knew something terrible had happened to Daniel.”
According to the Hartford Courant, “The jury awarded the D’Attilos $8.6 million in economic damages for past and future care of their son, which is the amount their attorneys requested and demonstrated in court. The jury also awarded $50 million in non-economic damages, which was at the jury’s discretion. Additionally, there’s a possibility of interest, which attorneys familiar with insurance law said adds up to millions more.”