Birth Injury Medical Malpractice

When a birth injury occurs, the emotional trauma may be as significant as the physical trauma that injures the newborn. In assessing birth injuries in terms of medical malpractice, there are certain issues that frequently come up: 1)failure to initiate a timely Cesarean section, 2)failure to recognize an infant in distress, 3)failure to properly resuscitate a baby, 4)inappropriate use of labor-inducing drugs, and 5)the misuse of vacuums and forceps which may cause cerebral palsy.
As in many other medical malpractice cases, birth injuries ofent occur due to a failure to communicate among the healthcare professionals charged with the care of the mother and the infant. Medical safety checklists can prove invaluable if they are followed. These checklists help save lives and reduce the number of birth injuries.
If you’re expecting, speak with your healthcare provider about these issues. A conversation before the birthing process begins may avoid a lifetime of heartache.