Doctor Settles 11 Medical Malpractice Cases

A former Duke University cancer researcher and physician, Dr. Anil Potti has agreed to settle eleven medical malpractice lawsuits filed against him. In each of the settlements, the doctor agreed to pay at least $75,000 to resolve the cases. It’s unclear as to the exact nature of the medical malpractice lawsuits. However, Dr. Potti had been on a leave of absence (he later resigned) from Duke University over claims that he falsified his resume and conducted or reported clinical research that was seriously flawed.
According to the News Observer, “Also, in a consent order negotiated with the board, Potti agreed to accept a formal reprimand for unprofessional conduct, and he admitted to having inaccurate information in his résumé and official Duke biographical sketches and to using those flawed credentials in research grant applications.”