Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Garners $3 Million Verdict

A South Carolina woman entered Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in January 2002 complaining of stomach and back pain. She was seen in the hospital’s emergency room by Dr. Stephen Law, an emergency room physician at the hospital. Dr. Law diagnosed her with kidney stones, gave her some pain medication and sent her home without admitting her to the hospital. 48 hours later she died of septic shock.
Her husband sued the doctor and the hospital for failure to properly treat his wife. The South Carolina jury agreed with him and awarded the family $3 million. The jury found that the doctor and the hospital failed to follow nationally recognized standards of medical care in treating Kelly Fay.
Sepsis infections may result in organ failure and severe cases can lead to septic shock and death. Sepsis is a form of bodily inflammation as a result of infection. Symptoms may include rapid breathing and heart rate, high or low body temperature, and an elevated white count.

Holly Haines