FDA To Review Safety of Fosamax

Fosamax, a popular osteoporosis drug that belongs to the bisphosphonates family of drugs, has been linked to jaw necrosis and increased risk of femur fractures. Merck’s patent for the drug expired in 2008.
Bisphosphonates are designed to increase bone mass but research has shown that this class of drugs may make them more brittle thus increasing the risk of bone fractures.
According to a recent Wall St. Journal report, “Two studies presented Wednesday at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ annual meeting suggest the drugs might adversely affect bone quality and increase risk of atypical fractures of the femur, or the main bone in the thigh, when used for four or more years.”
The federal agency didn’t provide a timeline for its review of Fosamax. However, the number of Fosamax complaints and Fosamax injuries may compel the FDA to move in a timely fashion as to the safety of the osteoporosis drug.