Jury Finds Doctor Liable for Breaching Standard of Care

A Baltimore County jury has found that Dr. Mark Midei breached the standard of care when he implanted three cardiac stents in a patient who didn’t need them.
According to the Baltimore Sun, “The lawsuit, brought by Baltimore businessman Glenn Weinberg, alleged that he lost millions of dollars after scaling back his career. He said Midei falsely led him to believe that he had serious coronary artery disease requiring stents — mesh tubes placed into blocked arteries to improve blood flow.” This is not the first civil action brought against Dr. Midei. Several hundred medical malpractice cases have been filed against him by former patients. In an earlier article in the Baltimore Sun, it was reported that “It started in late 2009, when St. Joseph began warning patients that Midei might have put metal stents in their arteries unnecessarily, leading to various investigations, the eventual revocation of Midei’s medical license by the state’s physicians board and a flood of lawsuits. Midei has not been charged with criminal wrongdoing.”