Maine Jury Awards $6.7 in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A jury in Bangor Maine delivered a $6.7 million verdict to the widow of a man injured in an ATV accident in 2005 and flown by helicopter to Eastern Maine Medical Center.
Thomas Braley, Sr. underwent a CT scan in the emergency room which revealed internal bleeding, among other injuries. However, Braley’s treating physicians failed to follow-up on the initial CT scan or order further CT scans in order to monitor the internal bleeding. 36 hours later, one of Braley’s lungs collapsed which in turn led to a massive heart attack and his death, according to the allegations in the medical malpractice lawsuit. Eight of nine jurors concurred and found Dr. Nelson and Eastern Maine Medical Center guilty of negligence in Mr. Braley’s death.
According to the Bangor Daily News, the jury award “appears to be one of the largest ever awarded by a Maine jury in a medical malpractice case.”
Thomas Braley, Sr. died on May 8, 2005, his 44th birthday and Mother’s Day.