Maine Town Considers Zoning Restrictions for Future Methadone Clinics

The Town of Wilton Maine will hold a public hearing to consider zoning restrictions on future methadone clinics as well as medical marijuana clinics. The restrictions would seek to limit methadone clinics to commercial and industrial zones with 500 foot setbacks from residential homes, churches, and schools.

While there are no pending methadone applications, town officials want to be proactive in dealing with the controversial drug rehab clinics.

Methadone clinics have become popular in treating various drug addictions across the country. However, those same clinics have spurred much controversy from experts who claim that methadone is a dangerous drug that is highly addictive and potentially lethal. Methadone has also been used to treat chronic pain in some patients. Family physicians and nurse practitioners unfamiliar with methadone’s risks are now prescribing the drug as a painkiller that’s cheaper and faster in relieving pain. A sharp rise in methadone deaths has been reported in those who’ve been prescribed the drug for pain relief.