Medical Malpractice Attorney Finds Himself a Victim of Malpractice

In a tragic role reversal, Michael Mone, an esteemed plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney based out of Boston, is a victim of medical malpractice. Despite his experience in negligent medical care, Mone now finds himself with kidney cancer that is inoperable and terminal.

A recent article in the Boston Globe reported that Mone underwent a precautionary MRI scan at a teaching hospital in Boston in 2009 and the radiologists who interpreted the scan noted that the three cysts found in his left kidney did not have “worrisome features.” In fact, a malignant tumor was visible and misidentified as a benign cyst. In 2015, Mone developed severe back pain and was referred to Mass General Hospital for an MRI. The scan revealed a metastasized tumor in Mone’s spine, which likely developed as a result of the misdiagnosed cancer in Mone’s left kidney.

Joan Lukey, a Boston attorney quoted in the Globe article, was “truly surprised that this could happen to [Mone], of all people” because he “knows as much medicine as a lot of doctors do.” Mone admits that “no matter how sophisticated you are, you don’t know that there’s an x-ray lurking in your records someplace that can blow your life up in a moment.” To put it simply, anyone can be a victim of medical malpractice.

Timely detection of cancerous tumors is crucial for effective treatment and recovery. Radiologists frequently miss important signs when they interpret imaging studies and must be held responsible for the resultant harm. The attorneys at Abramson, Brown & Dugan have vast experience pursuing claims against doctors who fail to detect signs of cancer. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a cancer misdiagnosis, contact one of our attorneys today for a free consultation.