Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed After 2 Year Old Loses Limbs

According to a medical malpractice lawsuit filed in California, a 2 year old child lost her limbs due to a five hour wait in a hospital emergency room. In November 2010, the 2 year old was brought to the emergency room of Methodist Hospital of Sacramento with a high fever and skin discoloration. In spite of her parents’ pleas, the child was not seen by a doctor for five hours. When she was seen she was diagnosed with streptococcus A and deemed too serious to be treated at Methodist. She was then transferred to Stanford University’s Children’s Hospital. By that time, her condition had deteriorated. Doctors at Stanford amputated both her feet, one hand and part of the other hand.
The lawsuit alleges that the excessive delay in treatment led to the catastrophic injuries she suffered at Stanford University’s Children’s Hospital.