Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settled for $2.5 Million

A medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Kayoko Kifuji of Tufts University has been settled for $2.5 million. The lawsuit alleged that four year old Rebecca Riley died four years ago as a result of an overdose of psychiatric drugs prescribed by Dr. Kifuji. Rebecca’s parents were convicted last year of murdering their daughter by recklessly administering the drugs prescribed by Dr. Kifuji.

According to the Boston Globe, “According to testimony during the trials, Kifuji had been fooled by the parents into believing the children had serious psychiatric illnesses, in part so the parents could collect federal disability checks for the youngsters’ alleged behavioral and mental disorders. Many jurors questioned why Kifuji, who had indications about the parents’ dangerous conduct, did not do more to protect the Riley children.

Kifuji, who agreed to testify only after being granted immunity from prosecution, said in court that she was following diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols followed by many well-established child psychiatrists. She said she had no idea that the parents were giving extra medication to their children.”

The case was settled for the maximum amount covered by Dr. Kifuji’s malpractice insurance policy.