Medical Malpractice Trial to Begin in Minnesota

A medical malpractice trial involving a 79 year old Duluth dairy farmer and neurosurgeon Stefan Konasiewicz is about to begin.
Alan Meinershagen went to St. Luke’s Hospital on February 19, 2006 complaining of weakness and numbness in his left arm. Dr. Konasiewicz examined him and recommended a brain biopsy which was performed two days later. According to the lawsuit, “Dr. Konaciewicz’s surgical procedure turned a minor infarct (stroke) into a major hemorrhage (bleed.)”
According to media reports, “the suit claims that Konaciewicz’s work caused severe cerebral dysfunction and brain injury resulting in cognitive defects, speech impairment and inability to walk. The plaintiff alleges that Konaciewicz and St. Luke’s are legally responsible as a result of the brain biopsy and the neurosurgeon’s negligence.”
Konaciewicz has been the target of nine medical malpractice lawsuits as well as a reprimand from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice during his tenure in Duluth.

Holly Haines