New Hampshire Ranks Fifth in Nation For Number of Primary Care Doctors

The good news is that New Hampshire ranks fifth in the country for the number of primary care physicians. According to the Association of American Medical College’s report, there are “1,308 primary care physicians in New Hampshire, which amounts to a rate of nearly 99 per 100,000 residents.” However, according to Lisa Bujno, chief of the state Bureau of Public Health Systems, there are some areas of concern that belie this high ranking. These areas of concern include New Hampshire’s northern counties and the city of Manchester. “There’s a whole lot of doctors there, but there’s a whole lot of population there, too, and whether there are enough to take care of the needs of folks who are covered by Medicaid or are uninsured is a big question,” she said.
Since the ratio of physicians to residential population has an impact on medical safety, the issues are important and worth addressing.