NH Patients Contract Meningitis from Tainted Steroids

The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that thre New Hampshire residents have contracted fungal meningitis related to steroids manufactured at a plant in Framingham, MA. The other NH case tied to the tainted steroids involves a patient who has developed peripheral joint infection.
The meningitis outbreak has been linked to 15 deaths so far nationwide and a reported 200 cases of meningitis linked to the steroid production plant in Framingham, New England Compounding Center. The company has issued a recall of all of its products manufactured since January 2012.
According to the Boston Globe, “The New Hampshire patients are between the ages of 40 and 60 and are the first confirmed victims of the outbreak in New England. The three men and one woman who were infected in New Hampshire received steroid injections from PainCare LLC, a pain management practice that obtained the product from the compounding center.”
The Centers for Disease Control have issued guidelines to assist doctors in treating patients who may have been exposed to the fungal meningitis.
Fungal meningitis is not transmitted from person to person. However, any patients who have received an epidural steroid injection since May 21 should contact their doctors if they experience any one of several symptoms, according to the CDC.
Those symptoms are new or worsening headaches; fever; sensitivity to light; neck stiffness; new weakness or numbness; slurred speech; or increased pain, redness or swelling at the point of the injection.
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