Methadone Clinic Lawsuits Mount as Drug Dangers

Methadone overdose deaths and subsequent methadone lawsuits have steadily increased in the last five years because methadone is being used as a painkiller and a method to deal with opiate addiction. Methadone itself is a dangerous drug. Last June, the FDA issued a safety warning about the synthetic drug.
Methadone, a synthetic drug perhaps best known for treating heroin addiction, was first developed in 1937 as an alternative to morphine in post-surgical situations. Ten years later it was introduced to the US market as a powerful painkiller for those patients who need a stronger pain medicine than a non-narcotic option.
As we wrote in a previous methodone blog post, methadone became a preferred pain drug in the 1990’s as Oxycontin’s widespread abuse was gaining notoriety. Somehow, the fact that methadone has a longer and perhaps more dangerous history of abuse and side effects than Oxycontin.